Special Programs

Suzuki Violin

All children have acquired a vast vocabulary in their mother-tongue language before they are able to read or write by way of listening, modeling and imitating.

Photo Shin'chi Suzuki believed music could be taught using the same processes. Suzuki believed that children do not progress at the same rate or reach the same level of achievement, nor did he believe that children are 'born with talent. Rather, he believed that each child can reach his/her own potential through hard work.

We believe that learning — whether language, ABC's or music, should begin as early as possible and should be full of fun, excitement and exploration. Hence, children of all ages, Kindergarten through 5th grade, are involved in the NMIS Suzuki Violin program.

Arts Program

Providing quality art instruction in early childhood is an essential piece of a well-rounded education.

Photo Learning to create art opens a window into a child's imagination. Students gain knowledge when they make creative choices. Learning to communicate through self-expression fosters the ability to be resourceful, inventive, whimsical, and aesthetically aware.

Students at NMIS are provided the opportunity to participate in an enriched art program twice per week.

Afterschool Programs

NMIS offers many different afterschool options. These include both classes that children can participate in, as well as simple afterschool day care. The classes that are offered vary from school year to school year. Some examples are: Aikido, Explora Science, ceramics, Lego club, etc. These classes are fee-based and usually run for 8-12 weeks from after school until sometime around 4:00 (specific vary by class). The afterschool day care goes until 6:00. More information on this option can be found under “after care” on the menu to the left.

Extracurricular Field Trips

All children have the option to attend up to four extracurricular field trips per year. These destinations are linked to the central idea from one of the six IB units of inquiry students are engaged in. Examples of field trips include: National Weather Center, Metro Court, Meow Wolf, Rancho de Los Golondrias, Casa San Ysidro, and the State Capitol.


Physical fitness is not only one of the most important keys to a healthy body, it is the basis of dynamic and creative intellectual activity. - John F. Kennedy