​Governing Council

The governance of NMIS is vested in the Governing Council (GC). The purpose of the GC is to govern NMIS in accordance with the terms of its charter, in compliance with the NM Charter Schools Act. Roles of the GC include assisting in developing educational and operational rules and policies, implementation of the annual budget, and overseeing Parent-Led Committees with the goal of attaining the goals and objectives set out by the NMIS charter approved by the New Mexico Public Education Department.

Charter Performance Contract

Prior to opening, New Mexico Charter Schools must submit a charter to be approved by the New Mexico Public Education Department. A charter creates accountability for producing certain results, as detailed in the charter — the schools’ goals, objectives and direction. Read more about the NMIS Charter Performance Contract.


We feel so fortunate that our son attends NMIS. He has learned so much, picking up Spanish very quickly. The curriculum is challenging and world-focused, and yet there is still time for sports, art, music, and fun. - Karin T., NMIS Parent